pricing guide

how much will my garden cost?

For garden revamp services we charge by the day and because we estimate the amount of work from the outset you always know where you stand.


For the more formal garden design service, which is more suited to a complete design and re-build, industry wide it is recommended that you look to spend between 5-15% of the value of your house on your garden. Although each garden can vary massively in costs depending upon the complexity of the design, the materials used and the state of the original garden. Not forgetting that in todays world, a million pound house might only have a courtyard garden!


That said, the sky really is the limit for garden budgets, but realistically for a re-design of a small garden you should budget up to £15,000, for a medium garden between £15,000 and £30,000 and a large garden anything from £30,000 upwards. Think of it as a room with a big impact on your house price, much like a kitchen would be. 


For a total transformation, your budget allocation might look like this:


contractor; up to 50%

hard landscaping 20%

plants 15%

designer, plans and project management 10%

furniture and accessories 5%


This is not to say that you cannot create, change or adapt a garden for under those figures and we welcome all enquiries no matter what your budget!


so what size is my garden?

We have categorised small, medium and large gardens below. for sizes outside of these, or for gardens of varying levels, costs will be on an individual case basis and will need to include a site survey carried out by a qualified land surveyor 


small - up to 18m/60ft long or 100m²


medium - up to 45m/150ft long or 500m²


large - up to 90m/300ft long or 1000m²




Current day rate £150 based on a minimum of one day (a charge may be payable depending on location).


Tier 1. informal consultation


Please contact us to arrange your free informal consultation to discuss your needs and ideas (a charge may be payable depending on location).


Tier 2. initial consultation

Basic site survey and sketches:

small £150

medium £200

large £300


tier 3. design

Full colour design:

small £400

medium £700

large £1200


tier 4. build

Our fee for this stage varies depending upon the design and which build services are required. calculated on a percentage basis or hourly cost.



tier 5. additional services

Our fees are dependent upon the services required.




Please note that these prices are for guidance purposes and are subject to change depending on the individual details of each service required within each tier. Please contact us for a personalised quote