design · 15. May 2018
On a beautiful sunny day, doing what I love the most (well nearly the most)...

11. May 2018
Despite having our plants stolen over the bank holiday weekend (spot the holes), life offers a multitude of things to smile about, plants being one of them!

07. March 2018
Photo by Trevor Cleveland on Unsplash

27. February 2018
Today we were visited by the #beastfromtheeast which brought a constantly changing sky that created such magical colours, shapes and shadows in the garden. I couldn’t resist playing with my shadow when the sun came out and taking snaps of the snow laden trees and plants. I love how the snow piles up on the smallest of surfaces and just bonds together so delicately. We haven’t seen this much snow in a very long time and it has been very memorable watching my childrens pure joy at what this...

19. January 2018
A little extra curricular activity for me this week. I had great fun designing this poster for my good friend and part of the magnificent women DJ crew. This will be a fab event supporting a very worthwhile cause; I am sure everyone knows at least one person affected by breast cancer #disco #middleagespread

19. December 2017
I ended this year with a lovely redesign which we hope to start work on in the new year. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the owners on this garden and cannot wait to see it progress into something truly wonderful

10. December 2017
Been busy making a copper Christmas wreath this morning, for the front door. Kind of looks like a dead pine tree from a distance!

23. November 2017
This afternoon attended the google #digitaldrive event hosted by #twentyone (who did a super job) On my journey there; I laughed at my very long shadow, marvelled at the choppy sea, admired the blue sky against the curves of the southend viewing platform and finally I soaked up the evening sun on my way home.

21. November 2017
I absolutely love the texture of this metal storage box highlighted by the sinking sun.

19. November 2017
Soaking up the last of the sun’s rays on a glorious sunday afternoon...

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